The Truth About Protein in Plants




Do Plants Have Protein

Being a plant based vegetarian I get asked this question quite often and the simple answer is yes! Some great examples that provide a simple answer to the question of “do plants have protein” is to just look at the most powerful animals on planet earth.








All of these animals require protein (actually amino acids) just like humans do and THEY ALL EAT PLANTS!

Do you know what the human body does with protein? According to the Colorado State University – “Dietary proteins are, with very few exceptions, not absorbed. Rather, they must be digested into amino acids or di- and tripeptides first.”

So there you have it! Proteins are not utilized directly by the body – it’s the individual amino acids that the body needs which it then uses to build the proteins it needs. Consuming protein creates work for the body as it must break those proteins down into the free amino acid form in order for them to be of use to the human body. Let me give you an analogy – if I were building a house and could either get the materials from another house that I would have to first tear down in order to use the materials or get the materials from the local building supply store – which would be easier and create less labor. The second choice is the obvious answer and it’s the same with the body. The less burden we place on the body to get what it needs in terms of nutrients the more energy that it has for other things.

So in addition to the question of “do plants have protein” we should also be asking how many free amino acids do food plants have. After all, it’s only common sense for us to make it easier on the body to get the nutrients it needs in order to function at it’s highest level.

Oh to have the energy of a child again!  Well it is certainly possible when we begin eating cleaner foods that are unprocessed and close to their natural form.

So now that you have the answer to the question – do plants have protein? – what is your next step?

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